Mason jar lights hanging in trees

12 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Are you an outdoor lover getting the yard ready for this season? Get inspired by these easy backyard lighting ideas, perfect for the porch, patio, yard, gazebo, pergola or garden!  

Most of these ideas take less than an hour to put together and make the best use of string lights, bulb lights, fairy lights, mason jars and solar lights!

1.) Bulb String Cross

Bulb string lights above a table

These bulb string lights are perfect for lighting up a space near the home with an authentic yellow glow. A space like this would make for great dinners al fresco or evening chats outside. The cross is a great way to light up the whole porch without adding too many extra supports. Get them here. 


2.) Hanging Mason Jar Lights

mason jar lights

This user submitted picture just about sums up the magic mason jar lights can bring! A cozy warm feeling that brings back nostalgic memories of catching fireflies in jars as kids. Get some for your yard here.

3.) Magical Hanging Tree Lights

Lights in trees

 Look at this mystical yard! The hanging tree lights make the space look unreal! I can only imagine coming out here in the evening, I would never want to leave!

4.) Garden Lighting

Bulb lights over a garden

 What could be nicer than looking out at your veggies at night, lit up by an array of lights. What plants wouldn't grow like crazy in this garden! 

5.) This Cozy Outdoor Seating Area

Cozy outdoor lights

 Perfect for cozy nights by the fire pit or just relaxing on outdoor furniture. Bulb string lights are an easy way to get your space glowing with warmth. 

6.) A Winter Wonderland Pergola 

solar lights in the snow

 Even though its snowy doesn't it look so cozy? This rooftop patio looks like a great spot year round. 

7.) Balcony Beauty

Balcony lights

This one puts the city lights into action! A great way to make use of the space can simply done with Christmas lights to make this balcony cozy and comforting! 

8.) "Watering" Cans Lights

Isn't this an adorable and creative way to bring some light into the yard at night? Create cascading lights to make displays come alive at night! Find them here

9.) Comfy Backyard Couch

Backyard seating with hanging string lights

I don't think anyone could resist sitting out here all evening!

10.) Wine Bottle Lights


 Have extra wine bottles laying around? These make for great lanterns that can be moved easily. Have an outdoor evening glass of wine, by a star filled bottle! Also for a bonus they make great bar cart additions. Get them here. 


11.) This Perfect Porch Lighting

Porch fairy lights

This porch is a great example of how to do outside lights properly! The use of string bulb lights and fairy lights on the display by the door make this spot look perfect for a evening night enjoying some fresh air. 


12.) Glowing Mason Jars in Trees

Mason jar lights hanging in trees

A classic favourite of ours, Solar Firefly Lights. A magical way to make a fairytale wonderland in your yard. Simple to make, either use battery fairy lights and tape them to the inside of a mason jar lid or go the solar route and just screw the lid lights right on. Find them here.