8 Things To Do With Your Solar Firefly Lights

8 Things To Do With Your Solar Firefly Lights

Want to know how to make mason jar lights look great in the yard?
Here are some tips and ideas to get your firefly solar lights looking great! 
mason firefly lights 
The hangers that come with SunWise Solar Firefly Lights make it easy to pop them on wherever you think mason jar lights would fit. The waterproof and solar aspect of these firefly lights makes them pretty much maintenance free. This makes them perfect for lots of spots in the yard as long as they get some sun during the day.

1. Along Fences

Mason jar lights lit up on a fence

Give fences a special touch and unique light. These lights are ready to hang on posts or pop some nails in so you can put the jars where you want. Mason jar lights are a great way to bring a rustic feel to the yard and the light reflected off the fences looks so amazing at night! 

2. Fairy Light Jars Hanging In Trees

Firefly jars in trees
Solar mason jar lights look great in trees! While receiving dappled light, the lights will still charge up, and will add a level of wonder to the the greenery. The ease of solar lights means you can set them high in the tree and not have to worry about getting up to change a battery anytime soon not to mention how great they look up there! Create your own fairytale garden and show off that awesome yard at night!

3. Pathway Lights 

Solar Mason jar lights on a walkway
Solar firefly lights also make for great pathway and walkway lighting. Either on the ground or on Shepard's hooks, mason jar lights are a fun creative way to help people navigate the yard at night. The auto on/off feature makes them perfect for navigating the yard at night without having to worry about power cables or batteries. 

 4. Mason Jar Porch Lighting

Mason jar lights hanging on a porch
Look at this awesome user submitted setup! With some chain or rope, you can give your porch a southern look and bring back memories of catching fireflies as a kid! These mason jar lights give off just the right amount of light for enjoying a warm summer evening. 

5. Festive Light Jars

Mason jar light
Turn these lights into a craft for the holidays! With some paint or even plants, toys, clay and more, you can make each jar unique and into a fun craft for any special occasion. 
Paint in the jars doesn't just have to be a seasonal feature, the mason jars below just have a layer of paint around the bottom that gives off a great glow, the whole jar can be done too! 
Firefly light hanging

 6. Christmas Light Jars 

Christmas mason jar
 The multi-color lights are made for Christmas! Hang them on the tree or in the yard as decorations for a unique Christmas light. Mason jars have a great cozy home feeling and are perfect for the holidays. I am sure you can find 100 ways to add them to a Christmas display or a part of your Christmas decorations. Not to mention how much the kids will like them!

7. Shepard's Hooks

Firefly solar light on shepard's hook

A great way to display your garden at night is mason jar lights on Shepard's hooks! Put them along pathways or use them to light up the garden at night! Shepard's hooks make it look like the mason jar lights are floating from a distance and are a good height to light up the area around them. 


8. Along Walls

firefly mason jar on wall

For a great barnyard feel like, pop some jars up along posts and walls like the picture above. This works best on southern facing walls in order to get the most sunlight on them during the day but doesn't mean you couldn't use an east or west wall. Mason jar lights bring a great rustic feel to any space and the fairy lights inside just add to the effect. 


We hope you got some ideas of what to do with your lights! There are 100s of unique ways to set mason jar lights up in your yard. Get some of your own here from SunWise Garden!

mason jar lights on a deck

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